Welcome to our temporary home page while our web site is under development!

The Classic Charter Boat Association is being established to fill a need for classic charter vessel owners around the world. As a cooperative marketing association, we will provide maritime enthusiasts with an easy means for learning about the many unique experiences available today aboard preserved classic and historic vessels. The front end appearance of this web site will be a comprehensive visual catalog targeting travelers while a member-only back-room section will provide a means for communication and collaboration between vessel owners.

The needs of classic and charter vessel owners are unique and often at odds with modern regulatory, insurance and operational standards. We plan to build a strong alliance that will ultimately help vessel owners continue to preserve and share maritime heritage by gaining regulatory exemptions, reasonable insurance risk assessments and practical consideration by port authorities.

We also plan to develop educational resources that will inspire the next generation to enjoy and eventually help preserve the past. As every classic charter vessel owner knows, we are only caretakers and custodians of maritime heritage.

For more information, contact us through upwa.org